29 Nights of Halloween

Oh boy, it’s October. And with October comes fall and Halloween programming (Why go outside to look at the foliage when you can see it on your TV?). But when we reviewed the month’s programming schedule from a well known channel that shall remain nameless, we found it lacking. So we did what any setContinue reading “29 Nights of Halloween”

Warner Brothers Studio Tour – Burbank, CA

By: Eden Duhamel After over a year of travel restrictions, we can finally start to plan our vacations without worrying about pandemic-related cancellations. Since international travel is limited at the moment, you might be deciding where to travel within the United States. Why not southern California? Yes, I know this is an exceedingly obvious choiceContinue reading “Warner Brothers Studio Tour – Burbank, CA”

It’s Alien Week!

It’s 2021. Yeah, we don’t know how that happened either. So, in the wake of the brutal realization of the continual passing of time, we decided to cling to something a little more palatable: Aliens. That’s right, aliens. It only seems fitting to divulge in something “out of this world” after a year that madeContinue reading “It’s Alien Week!”