Lights, Camera, Steve!

We talk to the co-founders of the new entertainment company making waves in the ocean state. By Liz Barhite When I arrive they’re waiting for me, all ready to begin. An endearing mix of nerves and professionalism. The two young women in front of me are Eden Duhamel and Meg Martin, long time friends —Continue reading “Lights, Camera, Steve!”


As you might have noticed, there have been some recent changes to our site (we have a logo!). Not to worry, these were intentional, and we think, pretty good.  While this started out as just a little blog we intermittently forgot about, it’s been growing behind the scenes, and we now have three new pages debutingContinue reading “Changes!”

29 Nights of Halloween

Oh boy, it’s October. And with October comes fall and Halloween programming (Why go outside to look at the foliage when you can see it on your TV?). But when we reviewed the month’s programming schedule from a well known channel that shall remain nameless, we found it lacking. So we did what any setContinue reading “29 Nights of Halloween”

Blog Post

A Blog Post By: Meg Martin This is a blog post. I wanted to make that abundantly clear, just in case you skipped over the sub and main title to get right to the good stuff.  Not a lot of authors have the guts to tell you what you’re reading right off. In my experienceContinue reading “Blog Post”

It’s Alien Week!

It’s 2021. Yeah, we don’t know how that happened either. So, in the wake of the brutal realization of the continual passing of time, we decided to cling to something a little more palatable: Aliens. That’s right, aliens. It only seems fitting to divulge in something “out of this world” after a year that madeContinue reading “It’s Alien Week!”

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